Everyone who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with skincare and makeup. I love the ritual of a skincare routine, love the excitement and promise of a new product, love pretty packaging. I love the way a bit of eyeliner and mascara, and maybe some blush and lipstick, and ok, a dab of concealer on top of tinted moisturizer plus some brow gel can transform a face subtly or dramatically depending on your mood.

I struggle with eyeshadow- can’t figure that one out- but we all have our weaknesses, right?

Selling makeup and blogging about skincare at the same time seemed like a good outlet for my obsession, and I hope to show off how great this Maskcara stuff is while offering you excellent advice on crafting your own skincare regimen.

Stay tuned!



PS: Solitude Weeks was my PokemonGO name and I kinda loved it.

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